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Parts Washers

Automatic Parts Washers From Cuda and ADF

As a manufacturer’s direct dealer, we have supplied Cuda and ADF parts washers to auto repair and manufacturing industries for years. Our customers have come to rely parts washers as a time saving alternative to scrubbing parts by hand. Cuda parts washers are aqueous based cabinet washers that automatically cleans parts and components by using pressurized spray jets of hot water and biodegradable detergents, combined with a flushing action. Parts are cleaned efficiently and much quicker than soaking in solvent tubs or washing by hand. ADF pass through washers run parts through a cleaning mechanism on a conveyor, and are ideal for in-plant cleaning.

Automatic parts washers take up little room on the shop floor, and are available in a number of electrical configurations and sizes, offering many benefits. Our parts washers use no solvents, so employers do not have to worry about harsh solvents and the long-term effects on their staff. All models are ETL certified to UL-73 standards for safety.

Parts Washers Offer a Quick Return on Investment
Parts washers are a labor savings alternative to solvent tanks or scrubbing by hand, and pay for themselves several times over in the course of a year. Your technicians are more productive, because they can do twice the work. While washing engine parts, they can perform other “billable” repairs resulting in greater productivity

Our line of parts washers are available in three styles, and a number of sizes:

Cuda Top-loading parts washers
Cuda Front-loading parts washers
ADF Pass Through parts washers

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