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Hotsy Pressure Washers – designed for industrial cleaning.

Hotsy Pressure Washers – designed for industrial cleaning.

Hotsy Equipment Company is the factory-direct dealer for Hotsy pressure washers in Princeton, serving most of Illinois and Eastern Iowa. Hotsy pressure washers are designed for industrial and commercial cleaning, and are the brand sought most by those in construction, transportation, agriculture and manufacturing. Hotsy pressure washers offer unparalleled cleaning power, with over 35 years of engineering expertise.

With so many available styles, we have a power washer for any type of cleaning. We at Hotsy of Princeton are cleaning solution experts, and find the right pressure washer ideal for what you’re cleaning – and one that fits within your budget!

There are over 100 models of Hotsy pressure washers, available in hot or cold water models. Hotsy electric powered pressure washers are available in 115, 208, 230, 460, and 575 Volts and in single or three phase electrical configurations. We also offer Hotsy gas or diesel engine powered models. Our pressure washer burners will utilize kerosene or diesel fuel and are also available in liquid propane and natural gas. Portability is standard on most oil-fired machines, giving you the ability to move the equipment from area to area. To explore Hotsy power washers, select one of the following types:

There are many reasons to choose a Hotsy commercial pressure washer. Performance, warranty, selection and the experience of your local Hotsy dealer are all important. However, one of the best ways to see if a Hotsy is right for you is to ask to see a Hotsy in action at your facility, cleaning what you would normally be cleaning. Contact Hotsy Equipment Company today for a free demo! Hotsy of Princeton also accepts trade-ins of any kind of pressure washer when making the decision to upgrade to a Hotsy.

For pressure washers in Princeton, Illinois or Eastern Iowa, contact Hotsy Equipment Company at (815) 875-4564. Once you see a Hotsy in action, you’ll know why "Nothing Cleans Like a Hotsy"!

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